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Consulting &

With my consulting approach, you benefit from industry-proven experience to make the best possible decision for YOU and YOUR company. Experience in an international context, from medium-sized, family-owned or even larger companies - always tailored to your needs. Typical situations of need: Crisis, reorganization, restructuring, change of shareholders (M&A).

You need external, company-specific consulting characterized by practical experience and methodological competence:


  • Adaptation of the business model and / or strategic (re)orientation 

  • Adaptation of management structures and organizational setup

  • Innovative future management (new markets or products, innovation)

  • Renewal, optimization of business processes

  • Project and program management

  • Financial Performance Programme (Added-Value, Cost optimisation, Working Capital, etc.)

  • Advice on human resources issues (restructuring, vacancies, performance evaluation, development and downsizing programmes, talent development, coaching)

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